On the importance of distilling your idea to a single sentence.
How to get things done when the energy of delusion proves elusive
On Tolstoy, Shklovsky, Adam Sandler, and an Unusual Point Guard
On waterfalls, construction, creativity, and the importance of outlines
A series of contradictory but mostly sensible writing lessons for kids, business folks, teachers, ninjas, bankers, and other humans.
My new book, Atlantis: The Accidental Invasion, comes out tomorrow! Or today. I forget. What I do know is that tonight, Monday, at 7 PM EST, I'll be…
Hello. Welcome. Or welcome back. How you've been? Fantastic, I hope. I've been slightly upside down lately, but I've been swimming more, and writing…
Hello again. Thanks very much to those of you who let me know you liked the chicken story. Part of me wanted to write about exclamation points this…
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